Do your raw fibers have an odor? 
Because our fibers are minimally processed, they maintain their original odor --- some may notice it, others may not. If left out in the open, the smell should dissipate within a week or two, depending on your sensitivity. As many of our customers experience chemical sensitivities, no added chemicals, dyes, or fragrances are added at any point in our production to either the interior fill or exterior case.

Are your products certified Organic?
Yes! You can find our certified organic products under GOTS Organic on our homepage. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading processing standard for organic textiles and fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. The aim of the standard is to define globally recognized requirements that ensure the organic status, from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. 

How do I select a pillow?

Our naturally organic adjustable Kapok pillows is easily our most popular pillow. Kapok is lighter than cotton, and is soft to the touch like down, yet provides support in a way not even synthetic materials can match. If you like clean and sustainable products, you'll love kapok. And if you love soft pillows, you'll settle for nothing else.

Our Organic Cotton These 100% vegan, natural, & biodegradable organic cotton pillows are breathable and work well for those who prefer a firm-yet-supportive feel. Cotton is a breathable, temperature neutral fiber that stays cool against the skin!

Our Wool Pillows are wonderful for those who want an even surface like cotton but the fluffiness and softness of kapok. Those with allergies are quick to pick wool, as the fiber itself is naturally dust-mite resistant. Our pure, virgin wool is soft, resilient, and naturally regulates body temperature. Do note that due to the nature of the fiber, wool may compress with time.

Our Buckwheat pillows are firm, flat, and supportive and are super moldable, they assist in keeping your body, head, neck and spine aligned by conforming to the contours of your shape.

Buckwheat and wool When Buckwheat and Wool meet, you get the best of both worlds; the quiet, plushness of wool and the conforming support of buckwheat hulls!  

Our Shredded Latex Pillows are unlike its sweaty cousin, memory foam, natural latex is OEKO-TEX certified, temperature neutral and hypoallergenic. Responsive and soft like memory foam, yet durable, resilient and flexible, so it conforms to your head and neck giving you a soft but supportive feel that works best for back and side sleepers and those that enjoy a higher loft in a pillow.

Why do your pillows come with a zipper?
The zipper allows you to adjust the inner fibers to reach your own personal comfort level, as you can add or remove filling to your liking. Many pillows, such as cotton and wool, may compress over time: purchasing a pillow with a zipper allows you to add fibers back over time to maintain your preferred level of comfort. Others, such as kapok, may absorb the healthy oils from your face and hair, and may benefit from the occasional manual readjustment.

How to best test out a pillow, since it cannot be returned once used.
Prior to shipping or delivering, each pillow is placed in its own bag and then boxed. When the pillow arrives, it is suggested to try it out before opening the bag, please place a pillowcase or two over it and test it out for a few minutes. If you are unhappy with the feel of the pillow, please email us at info@isleepsimple.com to start the return/exchange process
How do I add or remove fibers from my pillow?
1. Stand the pillow up so that you are facing the Zippered part.
2. Sift and shake the fibers inside so that they are away from the Zipper before you open the zipper. This will avoid the fibers from getting caught on the zipper
3. Remove or add 5 handfuls at a time, if removing fibers, feel free to save them for future use. They can be stored in a sealable box or Ziploc bags
4. Give the pillow a try and it should work, if not, try #3 again as many times as necessary to meet your preferred comfort level
5. Need more fiber to increase the fill? No problem: I Sleep Simple sells all its fibers at wholesale prices.

Are your natural futon mattresses comfortable?
As a general rule, an all-cotton mattress will be rather dense due to the hand-done layers of batting, though that does not necessarily mean the mattress will be firm. The feel is simply different than a conventional innerspring or memory foam mattress. While each individual will experience these mattresses differently, you can generally expect them to "rank" in that order in regard to firmness. All of our mattresses can be paired with our range of toppers, which can be used to add a softer, pillow-like surface to your I Sleep Simple or existing mattress.
I'm confused, is it a futon or a mattress?

Some people use it as a primary sleeping surface (mattress) while others use it as a (futon) couch.

Why are hand-made futon mattresses better than machine-made mattresses?
Many factory-made futons are created with a machine that simply blows cotton into a case instead of layering ---- often times, you are buying is a large cover of air with some cotton. After a few weeks, the air will seep out and your futon is left with something more closely resembling a resembling lumpy pancake. Not so comfy!

Do you use flame retardants on your products?
Federal Regulation 1633 requires that manufacturers must treat mattresses with a flame retardant or to obtain a doctor's prescription as an exemption. I Sleep Simple uses no chemicals and only utilizes virgin wool as a natural flame retardant. Pillows, toppers and bedding do not require any flame retardants. Each futon mattress is crafted by hand from raw, unprocessed fibers without added dyes, perfumes, formaldehyde, or other chemicals. 

Do you offer custom work? If you need help with a project, please keep in mind that we ask for an inch of FLEXIBILITY on all dimensions since we are hand-making these for you and we do not use any heavy machinery. If you are interested in a custom piece, unique project, or modified version of a standard I Sleep Simple product, we encourage you to email us or call (917) 231-4141 with your specifications.

What are the care instructions?
Please see our product care guide