Topper: Cotton
Topper: Cotton
Topper: Cotton
Topper: Cotton


Topper: Cotton

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Made from the same premium cotton as our mattresses, our toppers are crafted by hand to compliment any mattress. Mattress toppers are removable and are used to add support, softness and protect the mattress. Our topper acts like a cloud of cotton for you to sink into for a restful sleep.

Material: Cotton 

Exterior Cover: Cotton

Total Height: 2"

Cotton Benefits and Properties: Cotton is soft to the touch and firm under pressure.

Our Cotton Process: Our cotton is grown in the United States. Once picked, it's pre-rinsed and cleaned. There are no dyes, perfumes or fire retardants added.

Production Time: 2 - 3 Weeks

Flame Retardant: None

Expected Topper Life: 8 - 10 Years

Care: Spot clean and dry thoroughly. Flip and rotate seasonally.