Topper: Wool
Topper: Wool
Topper: Wool
Topper: Wool

Topper: Wool

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Our Simple Wool Toppers are crafted by hand as a luxurious and cozy compliment to any mattress. Mattress toppers are removable and are used to add support, softness protection to your mattress. Initially softer than cotton, wool becomes firmer over time making it one of our customer's favorite topper.

Material: Virgin Wool 

Exterior Material: Cotton

Total Height: 2"

Wool Benefits and Properties: Wool naturally regulates our body temperature, wicks away moisture during hot months and keeps us warm during cold weather. Wool is hypoallergenic, prevents dust mites and is a natural fire retardant.

Our Wool Process: Our wool is shorn from humanely raised sheep in the United States then washed with a mild detergent without any synthetic chemicals, dyes or powders. 

Production Time: 
2 - 3 Weeks

Flame Retardants: None

Expected Topper Life: 8 - 10 Years

Care: Spot clean and dry thoroughly. Flip and rotate seasonally.